Dental Bridges Are a Time-Tested Tooth Replacement Option

Do you find yourself not smiling as much as you used to because of a damaged tooth? Do you have missing teeth that are starting to chip away at your self-esteem? Do you wish there was a time-tested dental procedure available from a dentist near you in Oro Valley, AZ that could change all that? If so, we have some good news for you about a common and safe procedure known as a dental bridge.

Living with a Compromised Smile is Never Fun

We know that having a smile that is not up to the standard you’d like is never any fun. But did you know that there’s another reason to get your smile restored? If you leave the space in your smile where your tooth – or teeth – used to be, your remaining teeth will eventually shift out of place and create additional – and often costly – dental problems down the road. This is not a situation that your remaining teeth “might” shift; they “will” shift.

What Happens When Your Teeth Shift

A good analogy is to imagine books lined up neat, tight, and secure on a bookcase. When one book is removed, the others expand to fill the void. And when your teeth shift out of place to fill a space, gaps are then created between your remaining teeth where food can become more easily trapped and gum disease more easily developed. Instead of waiting for the inevitable regarding your oral health, you can make an appointment for a dental bridge in Oro Valley, AZ, today to keep your smile healthy and secure!

Explaining the Mechanics of a Dental Bridge

Much like the name of the dental procedure sounds, a dental bridge is a prosthetic application that bridges the gap between one or more missing teeth in a patient’s smile. The artificial tooth occupies the space where the missing tooth once was and is supported by two dental crowns on either side. Because there are a few steps to the procedure, seeing a family dentist in Oro Valley with multi-specialty experience will ensure a natural-looking result.

Cost-Benefit Versus Other Options from a Dentist Convenient to Saddlebrooke, Tucson, and Catalina

A final word about the benefit of a dental bridge versus other restorative dentistry in Oro Valley is that the procedure can be more cost-effective than a dental implant. If you have a missing tooth that needs repair and you’d like to discuss treatment options, please give the dental care team at Hiremath Family Dentistry a call today to learn more.

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