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Dental Emergencies that require Immediate Care

The simple truth is that nobody plans for a dental emergency. However, they happen and they can leave us scrambling to find a dentist at moment’s notice to help fix a broken, cracked or abscessed tooth or more! Continue reading to learn the best way to plan for something that nobody plans for. 

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Taking the First Step in a Dental Emergency

One of the first things that you can do as of right now is to make sure that you have contact information of a dentist readily available for an emergency. You may also want to be sure that the office sees patients on an emergency basis as some offices do not. Our office at Hiremath Family Dentistry does see emergency patients

Take time now to store this information in your phone and your emergency contacts for family and friends as well. That way, when a dental emergency happens, you will be prepared. 

How to determine an emergency from something that can wait for a routine appointment

While every situation will be different for everybody who experiences dental emergencies, the most common symptoms are the following:


Severe pain

Bleeding from your mouth

Swelling/Inflammation of gums

A lost tooth, filling, crown or veneer.

A loose tooth that is painful

A chipped, cracked tooth that is painful

An injury or trauma to a tooth

If you have any of these symptoms or conditions or know someone experiencing them, it is time to contact your dentist. 

Why Emergency Treatment is important

In certain situations, it will be important to receive immediate treatment in order to save the tooth. For example, if you have a tooth knocked out, it is advised to have the tooth put back in place immediately to save it. Failure to act quickly may result in total loss in functionality of the natural tooth. If in doubt whether you or a family member are experiencing a true dental emergency, please call us at 520-797-9524 to speak to a member of our dental care team. 

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