How to Care for Dental Fillings in Oro Valley

One of the first – and most important – things you can do to care for your dental filling in Oro Valley is to practice good oral hygiene. This is especially true since not practicing good oral hygiene may have been the reason for your cavity in the first place unless it was the result of broken or cracked teeth. But whatever the reason, knowing more about your dental filling may prevent you from having to search for a general dentist near me or a dentist Oro Valley, AZ because of your neglect.

Aftercare for a Dental Filling Near Saddlebrooke, Tucson, Catalina

It’s considered best practice for a dental professional to administer aftercare instructions for any dental procedure. But if you’re looking for some general guidelines to get ahead of the curve or to prepare for your procedure, the key takeaway is that you should take every step to prevent further decay from forming under or around the filling that was just placed. With composite fillings – also known as tooth-colored fillings — you can eat and chew as usual after the procedure. However, it’s always a good idea to avoid or limit hard-to-eat foods such as apples or corn on the cob for a few days since they can put undue stress on the new filling. It’s also recommended that patients avoid biting into hard objects such as candy. And last, liquids such as coffee, tea, and red wine should also be avoided since they can stain both your natural teeth and the tooth-colored filling that was just placed.

Why Regular Dental Care is Important After a Tooth Restoration

It’s not uncommon for patients to believe that once they’ve had their tooth restored with a dental filling that they’ll no longer have to worry about follow-up dental care. But the fact remains that regular dental checkups and cleanings are still important. Why? To make sure that the filling is still fully in place since a gap or leak in the reconstruction could lead to further decay or tooth sensitivity. As such, it’s recommended that you visit your dentist near Saddlebrooke, Tucson, or Catalina every six months. If it’s been longer than that since your last dental exam, we invite you to book an appointment today with Hiremath Family Dentistry in Oro Valley to get back on schedule to optimum oral health!

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