Dental Crowns in Oro Valley

Tooth crowns are on the most popular dental restorations performed today. Thousands of patients have dental crowns placed to correct all sorts of mouth issues. Despite how often the procedure is done, crowns are sometimes misunderstood. As a matter of fact, some people are intimidated by the idea of having a dental restoration.

The good news is, there is nothing to be frightened about. Placing a dental crown is a straight-forward procedure. What’s more, dental crowns serve several functions to improve teeth and mouth health. Call Hiremath Family Dentistry today to learn more.

Crown Restorations

How do dental crowns improve your smile? Well, crowns are fixed dental restorations designed to restore a damaged tooth to its original shape and size. The cap is cemented on teeth that are broken, severely decayed, or otherwise damaged. Although they sometimes extend down onto the root surface, crowns usually replace the outer surface. Therefore, the name “crown” makes sense.

When bonded in place, a crown fully covers the damaged portion of a tooth above the gum line. Custom made crowns slip over each tooth. They can be made of several different materials, such as porcelain, porcelain-and-metal, ceramics, gold, or resin.

Dental Crowns in Oro Valley

At Hiremath Family Dentistry your dentist in Oro Valley places crowns to restore the shape, strength, appearance, and functionality of a damaged tooth. Patients with a crowned tooth or teeth are able to chew again in comfort. Crowns protect the weakened portion of the injured tooth. The restoration holds the structure together and shields it from further damage.

In addition, dental crowns in Oro Valley are used to save a broken-down tooth that can no longer hold a filling. But unlike dental fillings, where the material is packed into the tooth, a crown is custom crafted in a lab. Your unique restoration is designed to fit your bite and jaw movements to restore normal mouth function.

Detal Crowns – Because They Work for Fairly Everything in the Mouth. See How!

Crowns also restore and maintain the structural integrity of your mouth. A broken, cracked or decayed tooth leaves a gap in your smile. That empty space can create further issues when it interferes with your bite. Furthermore, when adjacent teeth migrate into the gap. By filling in that space, dental crowns restore your mouth’s structure. Finally, crowns also restore your facial aesthetic, as they blend in with your natural teeth.

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