Dental Exams & Cleanings in Oro Valley

Your dental health is one of the keys to having great physical health. When you have regular exams and cleanings, this allows you and your dentist to stay ahead of any problems and if problems do arise, catch them early before the treatments get long and the payments get expensive. Getting exams and cleanings is a specialty of Hiremath Dentistry in Oro Valley. Our team is thorough and will make sure that your teeth are free from tartar, bacteria, and that cavities are not given a chance to form. Make sure to get a cleaning every six months.

Why are Bi-Annual Exams and Cleanings Important

The consensus among dental professionals is getting a cleaning every six months is important because exams and cleanings allow your dentist to keep track of the health of your teeth and spot any anomalies before they have a chance to cause serious damage. For example, if you get regular exams and cleanings, spotting a cavity early is the difference between getting a simple dental filling or having to come in for multiple appointments for a root canal and a crown. During a cleaning, our dentists and hygienists examine all your teeth and remove any build-up, so your teeth remain healthy.


For every cleaning, the dentist and hygienist make sure to use a high-pressure water device to scrape away the plaque from teeth. However, before the dentist starts working on your teeth, one of the most important parts of the cleaning is the x-ray. The x-ray allows the dentist to see exactly what is going on inside the teeth and troubleshoot any problem areas. After the plaque is removed and the teeth are cleaned, a fluoride treatment is done to help firm up the teeth and keep them strong. Usually, an exam and cleaning take less than thirty minutes of chair time.

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