Tooth Extractions in Oro Valley

If a tooth has been damaged, injured, or broke, the first thing your dentist will do is try to place a filling in the tooth. However, there are times when a tooth cannot be repaired and will need to be removed to prevent further damage to the mouth. When this happens, your Hiremath Family Dentistry dentist in Oro Valley may recommend a tooth extraction to make sure that any remaining teeth are not damaged.

Preparing for Extractions

Before getting your tooth extracted, information will be gathered so that your dentist can plan the best way to remove the affected tooth from the mouth. An x-ray will be taken of your mouth and you may need to provide some medical and dental history as well as a list of any medications you are currently taking.
Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to keep infections from forming after the removal of the tooth. This is likely to be done if a patient already has an infection, their immune system is weakened, the surgery will be long, or if any specific medical conditions are present.

Simple & Surgical Extractions

When getting an extraction, your dentist will either perform a simple extraction or a surgical extraction.

During a simple extraction, your dentist will loosen the tooth using something known as an elevator. Once the tooth is loose enough, forceps will be used in order to remove it from the mouth.

When your dentist performs a complex extraction, an incision will be made in the gums. Surgical extractions are usually performed when teeth are broken or have not emerged from the gums. There are times during the procedure where a bit of bone around your tooth will need to be removed.

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Your dental professional will always try their best to preserve your teeth, but sometimes teeth have to be pulled to protect other teeth in the mouth. Extractions are a common procedure that can be done at your local Hiremath Family Dentistry office in Oro Valley so that your oral health can be preserved. Schedule an appointment at our office by calling or visiting to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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