Fluoride Treatment in Oro Valley

Most people are familiar with fluoride. It’s mentioned often in advertising as an important ingredient in toothpastes and oral mouth rinses. And most dentists, including Hiremath Family Dentistry, recommend to their patients that they include this important mineral in their daily oral health practices. But not as many people know why fluoride is so important or why a professional fluoride treatment in Oro Valley may sometimes be necessary.

Professional Fluoride Treatments Are NOT Just for Children

Because fluoride helps protect teeth that don’t always receive the benefit of proper brushing techniques, it’s common for a lot of people to think that fluoride treatments are just for children. True, the treatments are recommended to protect the enamel of young teeth that may not be brushed as diligently as adult teeth, but the remineralization process can have a positive impact on a tooth surface of any age. This includes adults who are cavity-prone, the elderly who are at a higher risk for cavities, and patients with special needs. Because our teeth struggle to maintain the balance between demineralization and remuneration, keeping teeth of any age is a top priority.

Fluoride Treatments Can Help Patients with Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth is not fun. No one enjoys not knowing when they’ll get a zinging pain in the roots of their teeth. Although sensitive teeth can be a signal to visit your dentist for an exam, many patients are relieved to find out that a fluoride treatment is superior to over-the-counter products to keep tooth sensitivity at bay.

A Painless Way to Protect Teeth

Hiremath Family Dentistry knows that many patients experience anxiety at the mere thought of visiting a dental office. That anxiety can often keep them from seeking the treatment they need without sedation dentistry in Oro Valley. But the good news about a professional fluoride treatment is that it’s pain free! In fact, it’s probably one of the simplest procedures that a dentist in Oro Valley can perform! The treatment involves the application of a liquid or foam to a patient’s teeth with a gentle brush. In fact, most patients tell us that the most challenging part of the treatment was having to wait the 30 minutes afterwards before they could eat or drink!

Let Hiremath Family Dentistry Help Protect Your Smile

If you believe you or someone in your family is at a high risk for cavities, the dental care team at Hiremath Family Dentistry can help. Call our centrally located Oro Valley dentist office today to learn more about fluoride and other treatments to help preserve your smile for years to come!

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