Tooth Extraction and When it Needs to be Done

Do you have an infected tooth? Did you get your tooth broken in a fistfight or a bike crash? In such cases, seeking a dental professional is the logical thing to do. Some of your dental complications might require you to get your tooth extracted. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure wherein a tooth is removed from its socket. It can be an expensive procedure. If it is not done properly, it may result in tooth infection and other complications. If you’re looking for tooth extraction in Oro Valley, contact experienced dental professional who you are comfortable with. You should inform your dentist about your complete medical history. You should tell him the medications and supplements you take. He must be aware of these details before you undergo the tooth extraction process.

Following are some dental complications that might need one or more of your teeth to be extracted –

  • Excessive tooth decay:

Tooth decay is of the most common forms of dental problems that patients come up with. When plaque is allowed to build upon your teeth, it produces an acid which results in tooth decay. If left unattended, it may result in other severe dental conditions like gum diseases and holes in the teeth called dental caries.

In such a case tooth extraction is the only reasonable decision to make.

  • Crowding:

Over-Crowding of teeth is one of the most common dental issues seen in patients. Crowded teeth may affect your look in extreme cases. They might even lead to deformities of the face or jawline. But that’s not the only drawback they have, they can affect your overall dental health. They can lead to complications such as bad breath and periodontal problems such as gum diseases.

Many people with crowded teeth develop chewing habits, which may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

  • Tooth infection:

Tooth infection or abscess is a serious dental condition. It arises due to bacterial infection resulting in the formation of a pocket of pus. This formation takes place in one or more parts of the tooth. This leads to moderate or severe pain which may spread to the jaw and neck.

When the infection cannot be taken out or treated properly, the teeth have to be extracted.

  • Gingivitis:

Infection of gums or gingivitis is a dental condition which is usually a result of poor dental hygiene. If it is not treated in the initial stages, it may take a severe form. It can affect your periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone.

In some cases, tooth extraction may become inevitable.

  • Impacted tooth:

An impacted tooth is a tooth that for some reason couldn’t break through the gum. It may have been blocked from coming out. This is usually the case with wisdom teeth. Your dentist will recommend extraction of the impacted tooth. It will save the health of your neighbouring teeth. It will prevent and other dental complications like over-crowding.

  • Trauma:

You might end up with a broken or half-broken tooth after an accident or a fight. If your teeth have suffered severe damage tooth extraction might become necessary. Though dentists will make every effort to preserve them in place, their efforts may turn out to be ineffective.

  • Braces:

Getting braces is the best dental procedure to have straightened teeth. But in many cases before starting the process, one or more than one teeth might need to be extracted. It is to avoid crowding and to make space for the proper alignment for the rest of your teeth. Get a dentist in 85737 for tooth extraction.

  • Chemo or organ transplant:

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy or about to have an organ transplant, compromised teeth might need to be extracted.

If you’re suffering from any of the aforementioned problems, go for tooth extraction in Oro Valley. Are you looking for a dentist in Oro Valley to perform tooth extraction? If yes, then contact Hiremath Family Dentistry. It is a team of knowledgeable and compassionate doctors who can tend to your dental needs effectively. They provide you with quality dentistry in a caring, courteous and friendly atmosphere. You can expect to have your concerns listened to, your opinion respected and your trust valued. They have over 26 years of experience and use the latest technologies with their dental procedures. Contact them today and see the difference.

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